Children’s Ministry Classes

Children’s Ministry Classes

– Nursing Mothers Area
– Infant-2 Year Olds
– 3-5 Year Olds

Our entire Children’s Ministry is consumed with a 3-fold mission: To introduce children to the living reality of God’s love, presence and power; to lead them to a true encounter with Christ; and to equip and raise up little “Spiritual Giants” in the Faith! We are committed to seeing that each child is welcomed, accepted and valued as Jesus received them in Matthew 19:14 [“Let the children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.]

Our Mission

Children are a blessing from the Lord and His love, care, and concern for them is of utmost significance to God’s heart! They are also of highest worth to Higher Ground Church [HGC]. Therefore, their physical care, along with their spiritual development is extremely important to us. It is our foremost desire to ensure that the following Mission Statement and Standards of Excellence are established and maintained in all areas of our children’s ministries:

  • To see that each child is welcomed, received, accepted and valued as Jesus received them in Matthew 19:14 [see above]. God has promised HGC that “our sons and daughters will come from afar” [Isaiah 60:4]: Therefore, we see children coming to us from many various backgrounds, family situations, and cultures, and some [perhaps many] may have very difficult circumstances they are facing. Each one is to be respected, and given love, hope and encouragement, by both Children’s Ministry Team and peers alike.

  • To introduce children to the living reality of God’s love, presence, and power; to lead them to a true encounter with Christ, and disciple them into a lasting, productive, exciting walk with Him. Church is not just a “place to come on Sunday.” We crave a living, daily, life-giving relationship with Jesus, and we know that serving God is never boring! It shouldn’t be boring for our kids either, and we desire that HGC be the most exciting place they come, and that every child experience the real presence of the real God! Here their young hearts can “taste and see that the Lord is good ” [not just the snacks they’re given]!

  • To Train and Raise Up Little “Spiritual Giants” in the Faith! God is raising up an army, and He is no respecter of age or persons! At an early age kids can encounter the love of Christ, and we will train them to enter into His presence through praise and worship; hear the voice of God; be filled with the Holy Spirit; and to pray for others and see the power of God use them to touch others and make a difference in someone’s life! What an impression that will make on them, knowing that they can do something great for God. What is more exciting than that?! “Train up a child in the way of the Lord, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” [Proverbs 22:6]

  • To Provide Trained, Anointed Children’s Ministers. Our children are worthy of more than just “babysitting” when they come into the House of God, and HGC is unwavering in our commitment to provide trained and anointed Children’s Ministers who will care for not only a child’s physical needs while they are in our care, but also their spiritual education and development.

  • Ministry for the Entire Family. We realize that when we minister to a child, we have the opportunity to minister to the whole family or their friends. Often, a child can be used by the Lord to bring an unsaved family member or friend to church, or to lead someone to the Lord outside of church. They can be little evangelists! Also, to strengthen the family unit, HGC will offer various resources, plus periodic “Parent Encounters” which are a time of food and fellowship, and direct, truthful, and Biblical teaching covering relevant issues that parents and families face today. Our homes are to be places of joy, peace, and life, which create the atmosphere for healthy physical, emotional and spiritual growth.