Messages from April 2018

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The world is always trying to get us to compromise our walk with the Lord, but God wants us to stay faithful to the anointing that came when He placed His Spirit upon us. [King] David had many opportunities to compromise his walk and his anointing when he was being hunted by Saul, but he remained faithful. The temptation to compromise are tests we must pass to receive the full blessing of everything God has purposed for our lives. Stay faithful and be obedient…this is the path to God’s next level for your life!

RESTORING THE TABERNACLE-Bring Me a Musician-Sunday-4-15-18


What does a prophetic church look like? Does music help bring the prophetic word of the Lord into a church, a nation, a life? Is music important in a prophetic atmosphere? Prophetic means simply “saying or singing the word of the Lord under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.” [I Cor 14:15]. Our families, businesses, communities and nation need, now more than ever, the Word of the Lord spoken and sung over them. It releases sounds that produce deliverance and move the hand of God! It releases the power and presence of God; it opens the heavens and releases freedom, breakthrough and miracles on earth. Discover through this message just how powerful the prophetic word of God is, and how it is for you today.