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STEP INTO YOUR CALLING-Pt 2-Sunday-7-14-19


Discover the difference between your gifting and your calling, and there is a difference! We might be gifted to do something, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re called to that at a certain time in our life. If we only look at what makes sense to our natural minds, we could very well miss hearing the call of God.



There is a Generation who needs spiritual fathers and mothers, and the time is now to open our hearts to let God use each of us to minister to them. Find out more here the vision and burden God has placed upon HGC to fulfill this need.

MOVE WITH THE CLOUD-Thursday-8-16-18


Sometimes we can think we’re “settled in,” life is going well, we’re comfortable. But we discover here that in the wilderness God gave the Israelites a cloud to lead them. And when the cloud moved, they picked up and moved and followed that cloud! Today God still wants us to “follow the cloud,” and be willing to move when He says move. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you through this word and the encouraging prophetic word shared!

GOD BLEW IT AWAY-Sunday-7-22-18


God will not let us rely on anything but Him! This message deals with our money and our priorities; and whether we’re going to be Kingdom people who seek God first or our own interests. Here we’re challenged to pull out every bit of gifting and talent we have and give it to the Lord and let it be used for His Kingdom and glory! God promises restoration when we get our heart and priorities right…there is hope!



Are you frustrated right now? Know you’re in a testing ground! We want to be leaders but don’t always realize all the tests that God puts us through to prove us, equip us and prepare us to carry His anointing. He tests us to require us to manifest what we say we already know! Find out more here!