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DIG THAT DITCH!-Sunday-2-3-19


Many times in our difficult situations God will ask us to do something crazy! Discover here how obedience to God opens the door for His blessings and answers to come into our lives.



Yesterday is a monument…gone. God wants to bring a fresh move into our lives, but He needs new containers to put it in! We must be willing to let go of perhaps some past habits and mindsets [old containers] so that we can receive from Him new wine for a new day. Through this message, be encouraged to press into God for a Fresh Encounter of His Holy Spirit to touch your life. You will never be the same!

A RIVER IN THE DESERT-Thursday-4-26-18


Learn how to access the power of your prayer life and pray in faith. Miracles are birthed when faith meets the presence of God! Discover here relevant, powerful truths from Ezekiel 47 about the River of God. The River is about “encounter,” and everything lives where the River flows.

Fasting For Change-The Breakthrough is for Your Address-Sunday-3-18-18


Let’s face it…when we enter a fast, we most likely are doing it because we want to see something affecting our life change. We want breakthrough! This might seem a bit “selfish,” but God wants us to know that it’s “okay!” He is a personal God, and He loves His people to come to Him with their requests, big or small. He honors it when we sacrifice to seek Him and cry out to Him for answers!