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Unbelief Versus Under Developed Faith

Every week we go to a local rehabilitation center and have the opportunity to talk and pray with many of the patients. It is an awesome opportunity God has given our church! Last week I was talking with a young girl whose boyfriend had visited her just the day before. He asked to borrow her debit card for some gas, and ended up draining her account of all her money. She went on to say that she had called everybody she knew, but she couldn’t get any help. As I listened to her, this scripture in Psalms was quickened to me which I shared with her. We all find ourselves in tight places at times, and when we do, who do we call? Who are we relying on, and who is our source? It is so easy to turn to our own strength, ideas, and abilities, or to pick up the phone and call someone we know trying figure out how to solve our dilemmas. But God says to call upon Him in these times, and His phone number is PSA-LMS-5015! [Psalms 50:15]. He alone is our source, and our Father. He knows what we need even before we need it, and His river of supply never runs dry. Though it is often hard to see, when we are praying for breakthrough during our seasons of struggle, we are actually in the process of God, Who is at work in us, and for us, as He is working to develop our under-developed faith. If we remember when the disciples were in the boat and they panicked when a storm came. With waves crashing over their boat, they thought they were dying. Even with Jesus in their boat they were overcome with fear! But they saw Him sleeping and therefore assumed that He could care less about their terrifying situation. But what a lie! Nothing was further from the truth! He did care, a lot more than they knew at the time. Then Jesus went on to ask them why they were afraid, “you of ‘little faith.’ “. He wasn’t talking about flat-out unbelief, but rather a faith that just trusted too little, and lacked confidence. He was really talking about their “under-developed” faith!

So in our seasons of testing, don’t believe the lies that the enemy brings into our minds. We are NOT alone; God DOES see and know exactly where we are. He won’t give us more than we can handle; He will make a way for us in the wilderness. He just asks us to praise Him IN all things, and use these opportunities to work on developing our under-developed faith muscles, and TRUST Him with every care and concern. He is not “asleep in our boat during the storm” … He is at our right hand and we shall not be moved! (Psalm 16:8)

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