Come join us Sundays at 10:30 am to celebrate God’s life-changing presence through worship, the Word fellowship and powerful ministry.   We look forward to meeting you!

Special Announcement: We shared with the congregation some very exciting news! We encourage you to visit our website to listen to the audio podcasts [Sunday 8/4/19] at www.highergroundtn.com, or scroll down our Facebook page to watch the video. It won’t be possible in this short announcement to capture all the heart and spirit of what was shared, including all the confirmations and prophetic words which were received. They are powerful and speak for themselves.
God has been speaking to us about “Change,” a “New Land” and “New Territory.” As your pastors, there has been a stirring in our spirits that Andersonville is not our territory and that Higherground is not in the right location for what God wants to accomplish in this ministry in the next season He has for us. We have been sensing that “the cloud is moving.” When the cloud that was over the Israelite’s tabernacle in the wilderness moved, they moved with it if they wanted to remain in God’s presence, following His leading! This is also our heart. One powerful prophetic word we received (from someone who doesn’t know our situation and has never been to our church) prophesied this: “I do not know your situation, or your location, but I’m sensing the Lord wants to take you to a new location. Location, Location, Location!” There was much more to the prophetic word, but this was a confirmation to prayers we had been praying! We do not know fully just what that looks like today, and we don’t know exactly what new land He has for us, but He has instructed us to “step out,” not having all the answers, and walk by faith. We are fully convinced that this move, this change, at this time, is part of a DIVINE ALIGNMENT FOR OUR NEXT ASSIGNMENT, and we’re excited for what God is getting ready to birth! Together we are coming into a fresh, new season of increase, abundance, fulfilled promises and miracles. We have therefore, moved out of our location in Andersonville, TN and beginning this Sunday, August 18th, will be meeting temporarily in our home in Louisville, TN as we continue to seek God’s leading, build people’s lives, connect and deepen our spiritual bonds with one another, and wait for the Holy Spirit to open new doors and new territory. “It is not by our might, nor our power, but it is by the Spirit of the Lord!” [Zechariah 4:6] It’s a time of transition, and it’s destined to be an exciting journey!
Join us Sundays @ 10:30 am at 4035 Lowes Ferry Road, Louisville TN 37777.