We are honored to be connected with the following ministries on a monthly basis with the support of our prayers and financial offerings. These ministries were chosen because of their integrity and diligence to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their respective regions, and we invite you to check out their websites to see the valuable work and service each of them are giving, globally and locally!

JERUSALEM PRAYER TEAM / FRIENDS OF ZION is a tremendous ministry to the State of Israel and the Jewish people, whose founder, Dr. Mike Evans, has great influence with top Israeli government leaders. The ministry exists to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem;” minister to the practical needs of the Jews, particularly Holocaust survivors; show Israel and her people that there are Christians who love them and desire to bless them. The recently completed state of the art “Friends of Zion” Museum, located in the heart of Jerusalem, brings stories and history of Christian love and heroism to the world. We encourage you to click on their link here, where you can take an actual 3-D Virtual Tour of the museum to see and hear the fantastic history of so many who have been instrumental in supporting and protecting God’s chosen people!

VOICE OF THE MARTYRS was founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned 14 years in Communist Romania for his faith in Christ. His wife, Sabina, was imprisoned for three years. The Voice of the Martyrs continues the Wurmbrand’s mission of informing people around the world of the atrocities and persecution that Christians face today in restricted countries, and provide support for the “Families of Martyrs,” “Front-Line Ministry Needs,” “Christians who face Islamic Terrorists,” “Bibles to Captive Nations,” and more.

PAN AMERICAN MISSION / THE STENDAL FAMILY. Chad and Pat Stendal left their comfortable home and engineer job in America to answer God’s call to go to Colombia as missionaries. More than fifty years later the family is still in Colombia doing a tremendous work of spreading the Gospel to the Spanish speaking people and various Indian tribes, and establishing local churches and schools. Kidnapped twice by rebel guerrillas, their son, Russell, has gained great influence with both the guerrillas [many of whom have come to the Lord] and top Colombian government officials, and is currently instrumental in working with the two groups toward peace agreements.

TEEN CHALLENGE WOMEN’S MINISTRY. Located locally in Knoxville, Teen Challenge provides Christian faith-based, residential care to young women and adults who struggle with life-controlling problems. Their strong Bible-based, successful program has helped hundreds of women get their lives back on the right track, serving the Lord, and functioning properly in their families and society once again.