Messages from June 2017

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Truths About Music and Worship-Sunday-6-25-17

The power of music and worship in your world is real, and your worship changes the sounds in your world. Sounds of fear and doubt turn to faith, sounds of strife turn to peace, and sounds of despair turn to hope when we begin to worship God, and speak His words of life to those around us. Let the sounds in your world begin to change today!

Fear Casts Out Love-Sunday-6-11-17

The Word of God says that “perfect love casts out fear.” But it also can work the other way…fear casts out love. When we are filled with anxiety and fear, we cannot truly love others. We may respond harshly, or be short with others, and ofttimes it is because we’re anxious inside. But God’s love perfected in us casts out fear, and we must allow daily the peace of Christ to rule and reign in our hearts. Real peace is possible for the believer!

The Three Wells-Sunday-5-28-17


We can find so much encouragement from Genesis 26. At times we want to move from a place we’re in. It may be a place of lack, stress, or strife. Isaac too was dwelling in the land of famine, and wanted to move from where he was to Egypt. But he had to choose to obey God, even when things were tough and tight. As he experienced the wells of arguments and opposition, he kept moving on, and digging another well. Sometimes we must do the same! Move on past arguments, opposition and strife, and dig another well, and just as Isaac found, we too will discover God’s place of blessing, spaciousness and fruitfulness in the land.