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Whether in marriage, business or church, great teams are necessary to win! Do you believe your marriage is a team designed in heaven? Love, Trust and Honor are the building blocks, and communication is like the blood in our body…it’s the life of a marriage. When you’re building your marriage and family, you’re building a legacy to leave to your children and grandchildren. Learn here powerful marriage and communication truths that will help improve your relationships, and help you build a great family legacy.

Home Remodeling-Gutting Out Dysfunction-Part 1-Sunday-10-1-17

Dysfunction means “things not working right, not functioning as they were designed to function.” Some of the most famous families in the Bible were totally dysfunctional yet God used them mightily! Because of dysfunction, many homes and marriages may not be realizing their full potential. Perhaps you have a relationship or marriage that needs to move from dysfunction to function….God desires to fully Reconcile, Restore and Remodel your relationships. Let this message series provide hope for every situation you may be facing.

Truths About Music and Worship-Sunday-6-25-17

The power of music and worship in your world is real, and your worship changes the sounds in your world. Sounds of fear and doubt turn to faith, sounds of strife turn to peace, and sounds of despair turn to hope when we begin to worship God, and speak His words of life to those around us. Let the sounds in your world begin to change today!