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God is always faithful to give you a promise in your season of barrenness. It’s time to say “goodbye” to the old season and “hello” to the new one. If you’ve been in a season of sickness, lack, insecurity, etc., God says to “name your new season!” Discover through this faith-filled word how to come out of where you’ve been and move into the “new things” that God has declared are coming forth!



Which comes first…your dream[s] or your calling? Do you have a calling that you’ve left behind in pursuit of other things? Explore here how your dreams are packed….inside your calling, and there you will find your treasure. Discover too the dream we have at HGC and the calling has put within us for our area and revival.

RESTORING THE TABERNACLE-Bring Me a Musician-Sunday-4-15-18


What does a prophetic church look like? Does music help bring the prophetic word of the Lord into a church, a nation, a life? Is music important in a prophetic atmosphere? Prophetic means simply “saying or singing the word of the Lord under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.” [I Cor 14:15]. Our families, businesses, communities and nation need, now more than ever, the Word of the Lord spoken and sung over them. It releases sounds that produce deliverance and move the hand of God! It releases the power and presence of God; it opens the heavens and releases freedom, breakthrough and miracles on earth. Discover through this message just how powerful the prophetic word of God is, and how it is for you today.

Finding Your Place of Blessing-Sunday 10-29-17

[We’re sorry for the error of low audio volume. Please turn up your device to hear.] God has a Plan…His Plan is in “The Blessing”…”The Blessing” is in a Place.
Do you have the same fulfillment and enthusiasm that you once had for your business? God has a place of victory for us, but it’s up to us to get to that place.
Location is a huge part of staying in God’s will. Through this message we discover how God led Jacob to a place of blessing, and He will lead us too as we seek first His will for our life and make that our main priority.