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REMOVE THE MASKS!-Sunday-8-26-2018


The Truth sets us free…though sometimes it has to cut first! This is not a message for the faint-hearted or those wanting their ears tickled, but for those who want to have enemies exposed and masks removed that can keep us from the blessings of God! Comment back about how the Holy Spirit ministered to you through this raw, frank, but much-needed Word of true Freedom!



God is always faithful to give you a promise in your season of barrenness. It’s time to say “goodbye” to the old season and “hello” to the new one. If you’ve been in a season of sickness, lack, insecurity, etc., God says to “name your new season!” Discover through this faith-filled word how to come out of where you’ve been and move into the “new things” that God has declared are coming forth!



You can’t beat an enemy you don’t recognize or identify! This messages exposes one of our greatest enemies to our spiritual walk and receiving anything from God…Unbelief. Unbelief comes as thoughts in your mind and words in your mouth, and your words reveal faith or unbelief. There’s no mixture! Discover here that when we speak in Faith to our natural circumstances, we see things change, and the Word of God coming out of our mouth is what should dominate our life…not our storms!

MOVE WITH THE CLOUD-Thursday-8-16-18


Sometimes we can think we’re “settled in,” life is going well, we’re comfortable. But we discover here that in the wilderness God gave the Israelites a cloud to lead them. And when the cloud moved, they picked up and moved and followed that cloud! Today God still wants us to “follow the cloud,” and be willing to move when He says move. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you through this word and the encouraging prophetic word shared!